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Our Founder

Reggie Keding


Reggie is the visionary behind New Key Construction. With a profound affinity for the construction industry, Reggie embarked on his journey in 2005 through a tenure with a prominent nationwide remodeling firm. This experience instilled in him an unwavering commitment to achieving exceptional standards of excellence.

Recognizing the inherent limitations of conventional construction approaches, Reggie established New Key Construction in 2019 with a resolute purpose. His fervent dedication to the art of transforming spaces and crafting dream homes served as the catalyst for the creation of an outstanding enterprise. This company seamlessly integrates aesthetics, functionality, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Guided by an unwavering pursuit of excellence, Reggie has meticulously assembled a team of like-minded professionals at New Key Construction. Together, they are united by a shared mission: to design visually captivating environments that are equally pragmatic, tailored to the distinctive lifestyles and preferences of each homeowner.

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