Our Process

The 10-Step New Key Process

1. Discuss Dreams and Budgets

At the kickoff meeting, we sit down together to gover your ideas, wishlist, and discuss the budget needed to make it happen.

2. Professional Service Agreement

When you sign on the dotted line, we’ll develop a thorough plan for the construction process.

3. Planning Development

Designers and / or Architects go to work, creating the schematic designs.

4. Finalize Design and Purchase Materials

Designs, layouts, and finish selections are finalized. Your vision is coming to life.

5. Approve Final Contract

The contract must be approved before work can begin.

6. Meet Your Production Team

Your PM builds your live schedule, communicates with you, and guides you throughout the construction process.

7. Site Prep

Before construction starts, we make sure all aspects of your home are protected.

8. Post-Demolition Walk-Through

A site inspection ensures that it is ready for construction.

9. Build Your Dreams

This is where all the planning and development becomes a reality, and your dreams get built.

10. Final Walk-Through

We walk you through your newly remodeled home and explain the features. Then we hand over your dream space.

An Industry-Leading Process

New Key Construction’s dedication to precision sets us apart. Our team consists of highly committed professionals, and we approach each project with meticulous care. When you select us for your next endeavor, rest assured that you will receive top-notch service from start to finish. Your project will be in the hands of a team that prioritizes excellence and delivers outstanding results.

Investing In Your Future

This Californian couple faces a tough choice: buy a new house or renovate their beloved home? In this insightful interview, we explore their heartfelt decision-making process, considering both emotions and practical factors.

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