The 6 Biggest Pain Points In Home Remodeling

Pain points are the bane of home remodeling.  It’s why many homeowners abandon their projects part way through, or just don’t bother to start in the first place.  There are a lot of reasons for this, but they all come back to one thing: not knowing what you’re getting into before you get started. To avoid these problems and make your project successful from the outset, we’ve put together this list of common pain points that every homeowner should be aware of when tackling a big renovation project!


Based on our experience with customers who have gone through major renovations, these are the six biggest pain points in home remodeling:

1. Making sure the house is dust-free or at least a minimum. 

Home renovation is a dirty job. There’s going to dust, dirt, and grime all over the place. Homeowners should prepare themselves before starting a remodeling project by cleaning up their house or apartment well, ideally weeks in advance of the start date. Home renovations create dust and debris on their own as well, so be sure to check out your building plans for when during construction you can have access to their space (many home builders will allow you to enter after 8 am).

2. From waste storage to removal and its overall cost.  

Home renovations are a messy business, and once the project gets underway, you’ll face a number of other types of waste to consider. Homeowners have to be prepared for the costs involved in disposing of their building’s waste material, packaging it up so it’s easily removed from the premises (including preparing heavy objects like furniture that need to be dismantled), and putting it all out at the curb on trash day. Homeowners will also want to make sure they have plenty of space set aside for storing off-site any “in-progress” waste materials (such as old wall coverings) that can’t necessarily go straight into the trash!

3. Limit access to your own home. 

Homeowners should plan ahead to know when the work will happen, by checking with their contractor about access dates and times. Homeowners can organize to get guests or young kids out of the house for any days that need to be covered. The first step is communicating this need between homeowner and contractor, next it’s working on scheduling and logistical issues such as moving pets too. Homeowners also want to make sure they have access to their home if there are things they may want from their own space while construction is happening (such as old board games or toys).

4. Changes in the agreed schedule.  

 Home renovations are highly flexible in terms of the schedule, depending on weather conditions and other unexpected factors. Homeowners should be prepared for the fact that their project will not run according to plan or be able to stick to a set arrival date. Homeowners can prepare by having a list of projects/priorities drawn up so they know exactly what work should happen when—and have someone in place (a friend or relative) who is ready to jump in if they need help dealing with contractors.


5. Expectations are not met. 

Homeowners have a lot of expectations when it comes to their house. Homeowners usually expect things to be completed in the same time frame and with a similar budget as they initially planned for. Homeowners also need an effective way of communicating with the contractor if changes are needed or desired – this is important because unexpected change orders mid-project can result in unanticipated extra charges. Home homeowners must be prepared to outline those items that cannot be altered (such as pain point #1, above) and discuss any other issues during planning stages with their chosen contractor.

Inconveniences during the home remodeling process.  

Homeowners should be prepared for possible inconveniences, such as noise from the construction workers. Homeowners can get out of their house during work hours or limit disturbance times (if they have children) by working with contractors to find a time that works well for everyone involved. Home renovations often involve tight spaces, which means there will likely be extra steps and more physical labor required during the process. Homeowners should look into how this may affect staircases, storage areas, and other common household spaces. Homeowners must be prepared to do some heavy lifting themselves throughout the home renovation process in order to handle certain tasks like removing old flooring and carrying over trash materials from one place to another!

After all, it’s your home. It should be a place you feel comfortable and happy in. With this being said, we want to take the time to share with you how our team can help make your life easier during the remodeling process by providing unmatched customer service from start to finish that will leave you feeling satisfied for years to come. To learn more about our services visit us or give us a call today!

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