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A man cave is where husbands can escape to and spend some quality time watching sports, playing cards, or just goofing off with their friends. From a trendy lounge to an ode to your old college crash-pad and anything in between, it can be any space you desire.




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Are You a sports aficionado?  Why Adding a Man Cave Makes Sense

By creating a room of your own you can immediately have a space to store all of your sports memorabilia, trophy collections, and maybe even extra clothes and t-shirts from your youth. Indeed, the man cave is good for everyone in the household—especially when it comes to decorating, displaying much-loved items and storage solutions.


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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Man Cave?

A man cave is where husbands can escape to and spend some quality time watching sports, playing cards, or just goofing off with their friends. From a trendy lounge to an ode to your old college crash-pad and anything in between, it can be everything. If you’re trying to create a man’s cave yourself, you want to do it right, but in the process, you also don’t want to break the bank. We estimate the cost of a man’s cave to be somewhere between the $5,000 to $50,000 range. Reach out to us for a free consultation to get started.  Here’s a list to get you started:

Step 1

For your man cave, settle on a theme that is influenced by your personality and interests. If you’re a big fan of football, for instance, you can dress it up in football paraphernalia.

Step 2

By purchasing some posters from online retailers such as eBay or Amazon, you accessorize the walls of your room affordably. For a few bucks, posters can also be bought. Consider showcasing any of your things for other decorations, such as sporting trophies, your favorite team uniforms, and other memorabilia.

Step 3

Paint your man cave’s walls to easily and affordably turn the look. In the long run, investing a little extra cash to invest in better brushes and paint with a washable finish would save cash and won’t need you to repaint it as much.

Step 4

Before buying your man cave’s star, shop around for bargains: a flat-screen television. While an 80-inch display can break your budget, there is potential for savings on a 50-inch or 55-inch screen. “These have been on the market for some time, and prices have come down quite a bit in recent years,” Schrage says.

Step 5

Using second-hand rather than new furniture to furnish your man cave. Via Freecycle, a website where people advertise things they would like to give away for free, search garage sales in your neighborhood and online. You might be able to get your furniture without investing a cent if you’re lucky.

Step 6

If you intend to use a refrigerator in your man cave, remember the long-term costs. You want to pick one that is big enough to contain food and drinks worth an evening. You may want to stay away from a full-size refrigerator, though, as the extra expense of buying and operating it can be excessive. On Craigslist or by visiting your nearest Sears Appliance Outlet store, which typically has highly discounted rates on refurbished and “scratch-and-dent” appliances, you can make extra savings by purchasing a used model.

Step 7

Put a bar on the cheap in your man’s cave. According to Schrage, Nextag provides some of the highest rates. “You should be able to find a smaller bar for around $100,” he says. You can create one yourself with a home bar kit from your local home improvement store if you want a larger bar for your money.

Step 8

Shop around for used ones if you want to install gaming systems or a pool, foosball, or ping-pong table in your man cave. These can also be found at secondhand shops, sports consignment stores, yard sales, and websites with classified ads.

What Should I Put In My Game Room?

Gaming has assumed new dimensions in the 21st century, due to the invention of enhanced technology for a better fun experience. Playing games now provides a great time to relax, network with individuals online or spend time with friends and family with High Dynamic Range (HDR) graphics, better sound systems, digital and virtual gaming platforms. A dedicated space is a must-have if you enjoy playing games with your friends and family. The good news is, to get the full gaming experience, you don’t need to have a big room or capacity. Even your cellar or a small spare room will function well. So, here are some nice ideas for a gaming space to decorate. We’ve introduced all sorts of video gaming, table, and card gaming configurations.

  1. Gaming Room with Comfy Bean Bags

You can make a cozy nook if you want to break off a portion of the basement for gaming. Place bean bags and ottomans over a carpet. It will become the gaming room’s seating portion. The TV screen comes next. Install a TV screen right above the wall in front of the bean bags. Under the TV screen, placed a shelving device. Hold the boxes inside the shelf for board and table games. Whenever your buddies want a break from video games, you should take them out. You can also store snacks in baskets, too. Your friends and family would say this is the way you are entertained. No confusion will invade your gaming room when you put up a shelving device. You should put all the stuff in its proper place after you’re done. For the next gaming session, your gaming room will be ready.

  1. Game Room for Kiddos

Would you like to make your children spend more time away from the screens? If so, then plan a gaming room with no computer. There’s a great idea here that your kids are going to appreciate. Place yourself on the floor with a furry blanket. And the position on top of it a football table. Fix a swing by your window, too. Put up a bookshelf where books and other board games can be stored. You should add an extra rug for sitting and playing card games in a room like this. A certain amount of practice often includes playing table football. So, in this space that has no screen games at all, your children can have countless hours of fun. In the corner of your home office, you can also build a system like this. Call your family members or children inside if you feel like taking a break. Take a brief break to play football and then return to work with a mind that is refreshed and concentrated. Maintain enough light above the table. You should hang a ceiling lamp for that. Not only will this illuminate your room, but it will also make it fancy.

  1. Secret Gaming Table

Do you have a gaming room with no space to spare? No worries, as you can try a clever idea. The coffee table spreads out into a wider table. There is a storage space under the tabletop. You should bring it inside for board games. Tucked inside the coffee table are four stools. In no time will your living room turn into a game room. We like another nice concept on this table as well. There is a chessboard drawn on the tabletop if you remember. It’ll look like an ornate pattern in the routine. And take out the chess pieces when needed and start playing!

  1. Kid-Friendly Basement Playroom

Under one roof, this basement has a lot of stuff going on. There’s a wooden pallet lemonade stall in one corner. There is a basket next to it with soft toys. An art wall ensures that they respect young artists. In the center, a colorful activity table has enough space for board games. The table has pillows for the floor and surrounding log stump stools. Another activity table is in the other part of the building. It looks like a dining table that has been repurposed. Next to this table, chairs are put. Children can also do homework here and create works of art for the wall of fame. This basement playroom also has a set of drums. On top, the drum set is like a cherry. In this playroom, too, there are other playful accents. There’s bunting all over the room. There’s a tree coat rack around one corner. This basement still looks smooth and not busy at all, despite so many things. All of the elements are put together well.

  1. Upscale Gaming Room

This is an uber-modern space for sports. It features a sleek look. With all the facilities, there is a space for a home gym. In the center of the game room, a pool table lies on top of a rug. Another red football table is sitting in the corner. With a glass enclosure, the home gym is visually divided. Within the gym, some mirrors make this space even more glamorous and more visually spacious. The third section of this gaming room includes a countertop bar for waterfalls. Next to the countertop are shelves of liquor bottles stored. It is possible to use the table for other things, such as board games. Against the backdrop of the wooden floor, the white carpet provides a classy look. The walls are white and bare. To this room, a large painting adds a character. This gaming space for families has new lighting fixtures. There will still be enough light in this game area when the evening rolls in. It gets flooded with natural daylight throughout the day.


What Should Every Man Cave Have?

Here’s Our List of Man Cave Essentials

  1. Recliner

A man cave can be used to just relax and getaway. A recliner is the best tool that you should have when you want to spend the day comfortably happy. 

  1. TV

Many household males want to position themselves in a man’s cave so that they can have their own space to host Sunday football, the Super Bowl, or any of the other great sporting events that happen every year. You would certainly need a big TV to complete the whole picture if you are going all out in your special man cave. And, if you don’t like sports, turning on a big, flat-screen TV is also great for watching movies with your wife and family.

  1. Man Cave Bar & Fridge

The main aim of the man’s cave is not to walk upstairs or across the hall to get a cold drink out of the fridge. You need to have a man cave bar and/or fridge in your man cave to escape this overwhelming assignment (exaggeration?). Not only would this be handy for when the guys come over, but you plan to host your fresh and shiny man cave during certain family gatherings or celebrations. We highly recommend a full bar, just like the one below, but a fridge can do if your means or room is small.

  1. Pool Table

Men need other forms of entertainment other than television (sometimes). We’re not sure when the first man cave was invented, but they all had a pool table more often than not. In the old days, it was just a way to play a good old eight-ball game. Now, to make their pool tables as exclusive and lavish as humanly possible, men have gone above and beyond. 

  1. Dart Board Or Poker Table

It is strongly recommended to stick to the amusement end of the man cave, dart boards, and poker tables. Not only are both of these things helpful at celebrations or get-togethers, but they are also suitable for the wife’s and children’s mates. You’re not going to be there all the time, and chances are, if you make your man cave as big as you can, other family members would want to join as well.

  1. Personal Touches

This is the cave of your man and all who enter better know that it is yours. You must, therefore, incorporate as many personal touches as possible. Note, before you go off grabbing images of the kids, this is your space to getaway.

  1. Sports Memorabilia

The caves of man and sports go together like bars and beer. Chances are you have one or two classic pieces of sports memorabilia hanging around your home if you are investing the money to build your man cave. Now is the time to satisfy the wife and take the 1992 Dream Team dining room poster and put it where it belongs. You may as well be surrounded by it while you are watching sports.

  1. Extra Seating

Man caves are meant to be shared by fellas, so you’d better have extra seats. We strongly advocate home theater seating (who doesn’t want to sit around in the seats above), but a large sofa would do more often than not. Although this article does not match the ceiling in the photo, what guy does not like leather recliners, cup holders, and a place to put your iPad as you monitor your fantasy team? Not a male on earth is the solution.

  1. Movie Posters

Without at least one poster showing a real-man movie, no true man cave is complete. Scarface, The Godfather, or Reservoir Dogs are the first ones that come to mind. Going back to No. 6 and incorporating personal touches, showing your favorite movies or TV shows offers a better peek at the real you to all your guests.  A man’s favorite films can say a lot about a person, so choose wisely.

  1. Bar Stools

When friends step into a man’s cave, they want to act and behave like men. There is no place on earth more manly than a bar, and bar stools are required for all bars. Therefore, all man caves should have a set of bar stools to add even more seating to your man cave. When it comes to bar stools, there are plenty of styles to choose from, but as long as you have a handful, you have met the needs of the man cave.


How Can I Make My Man Cave Better?

Have a bar section with multiple stools for seating, or a refrigeration cabinet/closet to store your drinks and dips, if you want an ultimate man cave to upgrade. And there are several fun ways for these areas to be set up and they can also save on kitchen trips.

How Can I Decorate My Man Cave on the Cheap?

Using recycled material as a DIY man cave decoration involves other man cave ideas on a budget. For example find some old car plates and use them as wall accents to display them.

How Big Should A Man Cave Be?

That depends on the number of people you want to sit with. For any person you want to sit comfortably, you’ll need a bar length of at least 28″ (71cm). The minimum you should plan on making room for is 4 people. Contact us to get started.


Why A Man Cave Is Important?

A Man Cave offers a spot for your man to stretch out and watch the big game with his friends. Giving them this space ensures that the family room is open and the TV will not be taken up when the game is on for several hours on end. Without anyone else worrying or judging, it is a place to hang out and be loud. 


How Do You Insulate A Man Cave?

If you are considering a home theater for your man cave then creating one in your basement is a great idea. You should include  the best equipment for sound-proofing and seating options to accentuate the acoustics of the room.   


What Is A Woman's Man Cave Called?

A She Shed! Men have had a mancave for years; a place wholly theirs and uninhabited by anyone else. The She Shed has now been adopted by women and it seems the outdoor trend is here to stay.

How Do You Build A Man Cave In A Small Room?

In many houses do not have a wide room to devote to our personal use. That is why an outdoor building such as a shed or garage or an addition is typically the ideal place to design a man cave.

What's The Definition Of A Man Cave?

A part of a house, or a small building near a house, where a person can go to get away from the other people in the house and do what he wants to do.


How Big Should A Game Room Be?

At least 10 feet square to accomodate a sofa and TV viewing area.  Adding more room for a pool table or other accessories will necessitate a larger space.


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