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Adding a home theater will increase your property’s value while adding a place for friends and family to get away, relax, and enjoy an amazing experience together. Although a home theater may seem more expensive upfront, consider it an investment for the future. Remember, a home theater will last your family for years to come.




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Are You an Avid Film or TV Buff?  Why Adding a Home Theater Makes Sense

The days of going to the theater each weekend to catch the latest new release are gone! Going to the movie theater can make for a great date night, but are you considering creating your own theater in your home? Home theaters are practical for both avid film lovers and casual TV watchers alike. A home theater may seem to cost more upfront, but one will easily pay for itself over time. Plus, having an amazing home theater from New Key Construction will increase your home value!


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Do Home Theaters Add Value to a Home?

So, you’re dreaming of changing your home entertainment experience. You dreamed of adding a beautiful 4K projector and projector screen and building a home theatre for yourself. 

But you aren’t sure if you can make that decision. You know you’re going to be blown away right at home by a 120-inch projection projector’s dazzling visuals. Your friends and family won’t want to watch movies anywhere else! 

But, how does it impact your home’s value? Is the home cinema a safe investment? How much value does a home theater add? Are home movie theaters worth it? 

Here are our answers to help you make the decision that’s best for you!

Does A Dedicated Home Theater Increase Resale Value?

In particular, in a COVID environment where consumers are searching for more stay-at-home activities than ever, it can very much add to the resale value of a home. Conversely, if in many other comparable homes they DO have a home theater, the absence of a home theater will detract from the buyer’s view of the value of a home in higher-end luxury communities.

Is A Home Theater A Good Investment For A Home?

This is a home upgrade that most people would not recommend solely to sell a home, particularly in the short-term uber-selling industry in which we find ourselves. But it can make for an intelligent hedge against a sluggish buyer’s market as an upgrade to use while you live in the house, where luxurious items such as a home theater would certainly help your home sell faster and for more money than it would otherwise.

What Is The Return On Investment For A Home Theater?

ROI can vary greatly depending on the region (is a home theater the rule or the exception)? The supply of housing (currently, homes are maxing out the valued value and even going beyond it, with or without a home theater), the number of improvements a person makes to their theater space, etc.

Does It Make A Difference Where The Home Is Being Sold?

Definitely. We may concentrate less on a home theater in more affluent communities where home theaters are more prevalent or even planned since it does not make that home special. But a home theater is also a big selling point for the majority of properties that we will focus a lot of time better presenting to tell the story of the improved lifestyle that the prospective buyer might expect.

Which Projector Is Best For Home Theater?

To upgrade your home entertainment experience in 2021, here’s our list of the best projectors you can purchase. The greatest advantage of projectors is that they are a very high-impact workaround for those who do not want their living room to be overshadowed by a TV screen when it is not in use.

What’s more the best projectors all deliver some degree of portability. That means projecting your favorite movies and TV shows on a wall and having the full cinema experience is pretty straightforward, then storing it in a closet or tucking it away on a shelf when you don’t need it. While it is worth noting that many have great-looking designs, if you have space for one to take a permanent place in your living room, there is no problem keeping them on show.

We understand if you’re worried about the hassle of setting up or installing a projector over, say, one of the best TVs. But you don’t need to panic. Setting up a projector is rarely more difficult than placing the projector up against a wall, and the advantages make them well worth the time and the effort-the main one being very big, vibrant, and beautiful pictures.


What Does It Cost To Build A Home Theater?

Cost to Build a Home Theater
What do we mean by “home theater” actually? This is a room set up exclusively for media watching as an improvement to your current setup for viewing. This means much more personalized than just a TV, which usually includes surround speakers and a projector, maybe.

It’s worth understanding what elements make up a home theater, from a simple setup to a more personalized viewing area, to understand how much it’ll cost to create a home theater. A home theater, at its most simple, will include the following:

  • Viewing device: This can be either a TV, preferably larger than 50″, or a projector and screen facing the front. The latter is better for a home theater because it emulates the feeling of movie watching more honestly.
  • Media device: Basically, the media viewing system may be anything, but DVD or Blu-Ray players, games consoles, streaming devices (Fire Stick, Apple TV, etc.), or even older devices, such as a VCR player, are the key choices.
  • Surround sound speakers: Standard media audio, which is 2 speakers, will be created in stereo. Ideally, a home theater should have surround sound, which generally starts with 5 speakers and a subwoofer, but up to 9 speakers will go all the way.
  • AV receiver: This is your home theater’s central hub, which is where you plug in your devices, speakers, and viewing system to play media. This helps you to switch between devices quickly and provides you with a volume master control, including some equalizing settings.
  • All of your devices need to be connected, and this means buying a range of cables: Expect things such as HDMI, RCA, VGA, or digital audio to be required. When budgeting, many people end up forgetting about cables, but they are probably the most important component.

You need to wire your speakers together, and this is something ywe will take care of for you! There are several kinds of wires available, each affecting the quality of the audio. Any study into the best kind of wiring is worth doing because the good stuff doesn’t come cheap.


What Is The Best Size For A Home Theater Room?

Pick a space that is at least 15 feet wide and 20 feet long and you can start building your home theater on a good basis. If you plan to go smaller than this minimum home theater room size, you will be a little cramped.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Home Theater?

The average cost of service for design and installation is $30,000, with a range from $10,000 to $50,000. From equipment advice and electrical installation to soundproofing and riser construction, a high-quality home theater design service will include everything.

How Can I Make A Home Theater At Home?

Gather all the details you need to create a home theater and get ready to build a cozy and stylish place for entertainment in your home.


What Is The Best Size For A Home Theater Room?

Pick a space that is at least 15 feet wide and 20 feet long and you can start building your home theater on a good basis. If you plan to go smaller than this minimum home theater room size, you will be a little cramped.


Is A Home Theater Worth It?

Home theater systems are certainly worth the time and money if you enjoy the highest possible quality media experience in your own home. You can spend as much money and time building a home theater as you want, but the more you put in, the more you get out of it.


How Much Does Imax Home Theater Cost?

That would be about $400,000 dollars. The build-out of the Imax Private Theatre’s “Palais” cost the theater itself around $400,000. Set-top boxes and additional rentals. 

What Speakers Do Imax Theaters Use?

Each channel consists of the 2404 H tweeter, 2445 J motor, 2123 H midrange, and 2245 H woofer model JBL speakers. Imax theatres need a sound system capable of generating convincing effects and working at exceptionally high levels of power consistently.

What Is The Best Color For A Home Theater Room?

Good options include colors such as grey, dark brown, burgundy, or black. Anything dark will cut down on light reflecting around from the TV or projector. For the best experience, white, along with other light color options, should be avoided.


How Small Can A Home Theater Be?

Although your home theater has no ideal size, bigger is better. 20ft long by 15ft wide is ideal, with high ceilings, for a truly immersive experience. Smaller, standard family rooms about 10ft square are also suitable for use with a big TV, however.


Are Soundbars Good For a Home Theater?

A soundbar is great for you if you are looking for audio enhancement in your regular, basic TV watching. Don’t get us wrong, a soundbar still offers excellent quality audio for films, but when compared to home theater speakers, it still lacks a little depth.


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