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Did you know that one of the trendiest parts of the home to remodel is the outdoor living space? Once just a place to park some patio furniture and maybe a grill, these days people are including televisions, entire kitchens (including the kitchen sink!) and dining areas fit for a restaurant.  New Key Construction is your ‘key’ to designing and building your new Backyard Dream Space.


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Why Adding an Outdoor Living Space Makes Sense

Are you considering adding a dream backyard to your home’s living space? That’s wonderful news! An outdoor living space offers an amazing way to entertaining friends and family in the comfort of your backyard while increasing your property values.  Read on for more answers about outdoor lviing spaces and why there’s never been a better time to build one for your home.


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How Do You Build An Outdoor Living Space?

There’s nothing quite like kicking back on your patio and enjoying your backyard—until the sun starts frying you or the rain begins to fall. A stunning pavilion can easily double your time in the great outdoors. Just imagine at your next barbecue, no more rainouts! And you can rest on dry clean, comfortable padded furniture with a roof that obviously can’t hold up to the elements of an open patio.

All in all, you can give an outdoor living room the feel and work of your patio. The critical part is by dressing up that solitary, under-used space, this pavilion can add real beauty and significant value to your home. Although the design of the outdoor living room may seem difficult to the inexperienced homeowner, don’t be intimidated.

It’s 100% doable if you have the perseverance to pull off this project and have basic hand power tools, can operate a circular saw, have 3-4 weeks of free time and remodeling experience. In addition to a carpenter’s apron with the basic hand tools, you will also need a 4-ft apron, level, a circular saw, a jigsaw, and posthole digging equipment. Also to save time and effort for the big job of nailing down the roof decking, consider renting a power nailer for a day.

Or you can let the professionals at New Key Construction take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy your life!

How Much Is An Outdoor Living Space?

Outdoor Room Costs
The cost of designing outdoor rooms varies from $4,000 to $16,400, making them some of the most costly projects for outdoor living projects.

Deck or Patio
A deck has an average cost of $7,700, while a patio has an average cost of $3,900. One of the greatest cost variables for these systems is seating. For instance, a chat set consisting of four chairs and a low table costs $350, on the other hand, it costs around $4,000 for a sofa, chairs, and some end tables.

Walkway & Steps
Including materials and labor, the cost of constructing a walkway or steps is between $6 and $30 per square foot. The material is the biggest expense, with the least costly being a concrete walkway. The most expensive material is flagstones, but by using an open pattern with space between the stones, you can reduce this expense.

Patio Cover, Pergola, Gazebo or Arbor
A patio enclosure has an estimated cost of $16,400, making it the most costly of these features. A pergola, arbor, and trellis all cost around $3,900, as these structures are very similar in design. A gazebo costs $6,200 or so.

Cost of an Outdoor Entertaining Area
Depending on the special purpose of the location, the average cost of an outdoor entertainment area is between $700 and $13,200.

Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace, Grill and/or Bar
An outdoor kitchen costs around an average of $13,200, with a typical range of between $5,400 and $22,000. The large range of this cost is due to the potential add-ons that could apply to an outdoor kitchen, including the cost of a fireplace, barbecue, and building a bar. These costs can be far surpassed by luxurious kitchens with different add-ons.

Fire Pit
The average cost of a fire pit installation is $700, with a range of between $300 and $1,400. One of the most important decisions you need to make with this function is to choose between an in-ground pit and a pre-made machine. A concrete foundation with walls made of brick and mortar has an in-ground pit that has holes to drain moisture. The metal bottom of the premade model does not last long as a true fire pit since the model can rust. 

Outdoor TV or Home Theatre
The cost of an outdoor home theater system, which includes the projection, projector screen, and speakers, starts at around $5550. Depending on the connections available, this system usually allows you to play movies directly from a laptop, such as a smartphone, computer, or DVD players. The diagonal measurement of an outdoor screen should be at least 90 inches and the brightness should be 1,200 lumens, much more than the indoor device. The outdoor system must be weather resistant if it a permanent installation. 

Misting Systems
An outdoor misting device has an estimated cost of $2,700, with a typical range of between $2,000 and $3,300. The cost is between $600 and $3,200 for the machine itself, for an average cost of $1,900. Depending on the system’s complexity, the installation is normally between $200 and $700. Cooling, irrigation, and mosquito control are among the most common uses of an outdoor misting device.

Swimming Pools & Hot Tubs
The cost of an above ground pool is between $700 and $3,600, while it costs between $36,750 and $66,500 for the in-ground pools. Custom pools, however, will cost up to $100,000. The cost is between $650 and $6,100 for a hot tub, with an estimate of $3,400. The least expensive choices are inflatable, above-ground versions, while the most costly are built-in and custom designs.

For a new pool enclosure, a 700-square-foot pool enclosure costs an average of $9,570, with a range between $5,100 and $14,100. A glass enclosure for $38,500 or more and a retractable model for $70,000 and up are more costly design choices. A swimming pool is a significant addition to your home that will improve the enjoyment of your property considerably. However, you should also plan for the cost of substantial maintenance, unlike other outdoor living features.

Pool or Guest House
Depending on the style and type, a 300-square-foot detached pool house costs between $48,000 and $180,000, or $114,000 on average. On average, a modular 600-square-foot guest house costs $55,000 to $45,000 to $65,000, including material factoring, construction permits, and installation. Depending on size and where you live, you could pay $100,000 or more.

Average Cost of Other Outdoor Living Areas
Depending on the special purpose of the location, the average cost of outdoor entertainment areas is between $500 and $17,000.


Does Outdoor Living Space Add Value To My Home?

Of course an outdoor living space designed and built for your lifestyle will add value to your home!  It is useful for your life and the value of your home to incorporate outdoor living spaces (such as an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, or a pool) into your landscape design.

We’ve all seen photos or videos of these incredible features of these homes… welcoming in-ground pools, gorgeous outdoor kitchens, cozy fireplaces, and amazing patios. It seems like only a fortunate man will ever have that but that’s not the case! More than ever now the ideal living room in the backyard is not only attainable but also beneficial. Building some of these ideas for outdoor living space will not only improve your home life but also the value of your home when it’s time to move on. 

In-ground pools are the favorites in outdoor living amenities.
Pools are a classic hotspot for every home during the summer. Pools are perfect for holding parties, staying cool underneath the summer sun, and even exercising while having fun as well. The popularity of in-ground pools has increased because they look amazing; their only drawback is that some buyers might have reservations about purchasing a pool home. Pools take some effort, and those with small children may be afraid of their protection. Adding security features is a perfect way to ease those hesitations and improve your ROI (return on investment). Anything as simple as a fence or gate can help prevent stray animals or children from falling in unintentionally and thereby improve the value of the home in turn.


Outdoor Kitchens, great for hosting in your backyard!
Whether for your enjoyment or the hosting possibilities, outdoor kitchens offer you a lot to appreciate. It will combine your hardscape and landscape elements and accentuate them, linking your entire backyard together. It’s almost like a whole room being added to your house. Your return on investment may be as high as 200 percent, so from a reselling perspective, it is very much worth it. There are not many out there unlike pools, that will say no to an outdoor kitchen, so this addition will not scare out any potential buyers.

Patios are a great addition to any backyard living space.
Patios are an elegant living element in the backyard that can be applied to any home. Enjoy the outdoors with indoor convenience, something that you can enjoy in your everyday life, or get-to-together with your guests. In the summer, take out the grill and furnish it with comfortable seating and you have a lovely room to spend time in. Patios are a common choice since they are usually more affordable than other choices, but more outdoor living features can also be added to them. When it comes to sales, installing a patio would certainly have a great ROI.

Firepits, an all-year-round classic feature!
Firepits, a feature that can be used all year round with ease. It adds to the coziness of the living space in your backyard and is an easy but exciting hosting feature. The best part of adding a fire pit to your property is that it is cheap but also dramatically increases the value of your house. There are several choices about how they look and how they are fueled so that you and the theme of your home can be exclusive to your firepit.


What Is An Outdoor Living Space Called?

Examples are Backyard Patios, Decks, Kitchen, TV Room – the typical deck or patio is the last sort of room that is perfect for parties and spending time outdoors. This makes for better use of outdoor space with the elegance and independence of the outdoors so that you get the luxury of indoors.

How Do You Design an Outdoor Living Room?

We have access to outdoor living design specialists to help when building a luxurious outdoor space that will help you take full advantage of the warm weather, whether you have a small patio or an expansive garden (and extend the outdoor hang into the cooler months with the right design ideas). So reach out to us for chic backyard and patio ideas, from vibrant tile design tips to sleek dining nooks, to incorporate in your own spaces.

Can I Add A Fireplace To My Outdoor Living Space?

Yes! As long as space is isolated from the weather elements, any indoor rated fireplace can be built in your new space. And if you build an outdoor room that is exposed to the elements, it’s better that you have excellent stainless steel outdoor rated fireplaces that will not be affected by nature.


What Are Some Outdoor Living Room Ideas?

A low-maintenance greenhouse, a gravel floor, large square concrete pavers and white outdoor chairs centered around a fire pit are some of the great outdoor living room ideas. 


What Outdoor Living Room Furniture Is Available?

From eye-catching seating to complete dining sets, contact us for some favorite picks for the best (and most affordable) outdoor furniture pieces available. 


What Activities Can I Do In My Outdoor Living Space?

Adding a built-in grill and fridge to your backyard will keep the party going and enjoy your much-awaited family reunion or get-together with friends. 


How Do I Cover My Outdoor Patio?

For outdoor chairs, tables, and sofas, patio furniture covers are a perfect way to protect your furniture.

Can I Build A Deck Over My Concrete Patio?

You should build a deck over your concrete patio to keep the space beautiful and protected. 

What Should I Put Over My Concrete Patio?

Renew an old patio of concrete with decorative brick or pavers of concrete. You don’t have to remove the concrete, but a wooden deck will help create the living space of your dreams.


Can You Put Pressure Treated Wood Directly On Concrete?

YES. The moisture will wick any external concrete that is in contact with the earth. Thus, if one wishes to build off the concrete with untreated wood, it is important to put pressure treated wood directly against the concrete.


What Can You Put Over Concrete Outside?

Usually, covering a patio with decking takes a week or two. The patio takes a lot more time—five long days. Part of it is because it’s a huge one (14 x 28 ft.). A few hours were also added to the job by the grid pattern created with different-colored decking.


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