How Much Does A Builder Make On A Custom Home?  

  • Gross Profit Benchmark: 21% to 23%. For custom homebuilders, gross profit is defined as selling less direct construction costs (commonly referred to as ‘sticks and bricks’). For homes built on a cost-plus basis, It is recommended that more than sticks and bricks be included in the costs charged to the customer. However, only direct construction costs are used for benchmarking purposes to calculate your gross profit.Custom builders who use outside salespeople to sell their specific homes and/or carry construction loans to their customers need to make a gross profit of close to 25% to cover these additional costs. Over the years, I’ve seen custom builders working on the same market report gross profits ranging from one-digit to more than 30%. Characteristics that distinguish high gross profits: they are not afraid to ask for a margin, and they have systems in place to control job cost variances.

Typically, the mark up on these ranges from 30-50 percent. If the light can charge the builder $60 for the electrician to supply and install, the cost to the builder will normally be between $75 and $85. Builders and home contractors also make money on what is known as non-standard options or special options.

These are custom options that involve drawing up a plan, estimating quantities, bidding, and sometimes difficult-to-find expensive products. All of these changes can be time consuming and can be difficult to accurately estimate, and may involve products that may be difficult to obtain and are easily damaged or stolen. Typically, these special custom options come with a mark of 75-100 percent.

In addition, builders and home contractors are making money out of the late changes in home construction. This last type of change is the one that no contractor wants to deal with. These are the late orders of change that come after construction has begun.

These include plan changes, bidding, permit changes, tear-offs, on-site management, product order changes, and delays. Note that the true cost of this type of change can be determined by reducing the overhead costs of delays, additional management time to implement, communicate and supervise the change, and additional labor and material for the actual work.

  • Operating Expenses Benchmark: 11 to 13 per cent. In order to achieve 10 percent of net operating profit, a custom-built company producing gross margins of between 21 per cent and 23 per cent must keep its operating expenses between 11 per cent and 13 per cent. Total operating expenses will be increased for custom builders who build and sell specific homes, sell their homes to salespeople other than the owner, or provide construction loans to their customers.

How are Professional Home Builders making money?

There are different ways that a professional home builder generates profit. First, these builders make money on the basic cost of building a home; this is known as the base house cost.

This is simply the cost of building a basic home before the client starts adding all their personal touches. The typical gross margin of the builders for this is 15%. If you think about the risk, cost, and time involved in most projects, this is actually a fair deal.

Another way home builders or contractors make money is for clients to decide to change items during the pre-planning stage. If the client wants the recessed can be lighted or the additional hose bib, there is no need for anything special to be priced out and installed as long as they are chosen before the permit is drawn.

Are You Planning on Building a Custom Home?

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