How Do I Choose A Contractor To Build A House?

From the initial invitation to tender meeting to the moment you obtain your occupancy certificate, the general contractor you select to build your house will play an important part in your everyday life. It is nerve-wracking and worrisome to trust someone with the job of constructing an expensive new home, but through careful choice of contractor, you will make the construction process less stressful.

The following are some ways on how to choose the right contractor to build you house:

1. Ask people in the know.

By asking colleagues and acquaintances if they know anyone who has recently built a new home, you can find contractors who are actively building a new home in your community. In addition, local lumberyard owners and counter sales reps also know who’s building houses. The Yellow Pages hosts a menagerie of contractors willing to spend money on flashy ads, but Word-of-mouth is more reliable when it comes to finding reputable home contractors to hire others.

5. Subs and Materials.

A general contractor is just as good as the subcontractors he uses. Find out if the subs are local and if they are used regularly by the contractor. By the same token, if the contractor purchases his materials locally, you can visit the lumberyard and see the products entering the construction of your house. Getting a deal on materials brought in from another area is not a lot of a deal if the materials are under-standard or if the dealer doesn’t stand behind them. Local retailers are more likely to be able to guarantee their products.

6. Verify The Contractor. 

You still need more information before making a final selection. Ask each contractor for an insurance certificate. You will receive this in the mail directly from their respective insurance companies and you will be assured that the contractor will have adequate coverage if the worker is injured on the job. A quick call to the local building authority will verify that each contractor is in good standing and that his license is current. You can’t predict any situation that might occur during the construction of your home, but by carefully selecting your contractor, you can minimize your risks.

2. Initial Interview.

The initial meeting with the contractor gives you an idea of whether you can work with him or her for a period of six months to one year during the construction process. A good contractor is supposed to answer your questions and put you at ease. Ask him about his building experience, how long he’s been in business, how long he’s been building in your area, and how many houses he’s building every year. Find out what his timeline is. Some builders may not be able to start your house right away, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not worth waiting for. The initial interview is your chance to find out as much about your contractor as you can.

3. Checking References.

This is standard, and it shouldn’t be skipped or glossed over. A top construction contractor should be able to provide a solid list of references, and yes, you should follow them up.

4. Bid Solicitation Packet.

Few things confuse the bidding process more than a homeowner who hands each contractor a simple set of blueprints and then expects competitive bids. When that happens, each contractor bids on windows, doors, shelves, flooring, cabinets and fixtures of their own choice, and their final bids can vary greatly in price and quality. Putting together a bid pack that lists specific types and brands of fixtures and finishes keeps all contractors on the same page. Do not leave anything to speculation.

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