China Wall in Alamo

Alamo, CA 94598, United States


The China Wall in Alamo, California is located within the borders of Mt. Diablo State Park. These sandstone formations create a line of rocks up and down the hill that looks like a miniature version of the Great Wall of China. Most of the hike will be in Diablo Foothills Regional Park.

DIRECTIONS: From San Jose, take Highway 680 North all the way to Alamo (just before Walnut Creek). Take the exit at Livorna Road and turn right. Proceed about two miles to the staging area on the left. The driving time is 1 hour 15 minutes plus they have parking free for all.

The China Wall in Alamo is a surprising rock formation that appears from otherwise regular rolling hills in the Diablo foothills. The wall will make you want to follow it as far as you can and test your rock climbing skills. It’s a fun place to have a family. The kids can climb the rock with ease. The sandstone can be used to hold on because it gives you very good and easy grips.

The main activities that can be done in China Wall in Alamo, California are walking trails, hiking without trails and rock climbing. Foot trails are typical trails that might come to mind when you think about hiking. Get on your hiking shoes and go! Distance, incline, terrain and difficulty may vary. Some footpaths are rough dirt paths that lead you up to the mountains, some footpaths are flat, paved sidewalks that meander through cities and urban areas. Consult a map of the park or chat with a ranger at the visitor center to pick a path that’s right for you.

For more robust experience, visit the designated off-road areas in the wilderness of where the China Wall is situated. Check with your park to make sure you have the required permits and follow the wilderness rules and the Leave No Trace principles. You might even spend a day or two on the trail, sleeping under the stars. Get more tips on wilderness and backcountry hiking and camping in front of you.

You can also enjoy the China Wall in Alamo, California by doing rock climbing with the whole family. The area is safe for all ages. Give the children a break from all the digital technologies and have them test their agility, strength and patience by doing rock climbing in the magnificent China Wall in Alamo, California.

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This amazing landmark is located near the following amazing sites in Alamo, California:

  • Livorna Staging Area, Diablo Foothills Regional Park
  • Macedo Ranch Staging Area
  • Summit Trail
  • Livorna Park
  • Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Park
  • Diablo Foothills Regional Park
  • Rock City Park

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