Building a Deck on Your Home Questions & Answers


A backyard deck can give homeowners a number of great advantages. They extend the usability of your home and give you extra space to have fun, relax or just sit under the stars with your friends and family. 

As a contractor, you have handled more than your fair share of home improvement projects. From remodeling bathrooms to adding bedrooms, you have the skills and equipment you need to finish most of your jobs and do them well. So when a client hires you to complete a deck, make sure you ask them these questions before starting a project to save you hours of trouble, frustration , and anger down the line.

  • Why Do You Want a Deck?

The standard deck is more than wooden flooring that extends outdoor living space. Depending on its design, the deck could meet a variety of needs, purposes and applications.

For instance, the deck could serve as an extension of the kitchen, creating an exciting space for barbecues and outdoor ovens. Or the deck could provide some extra privacy in the yard, shielding the family from our neighbors. Some people might want their deck to act as a personal garden, giving plenty of room for potted herbs and trellis plants to grow. Others may prefer to host parties on their deck or use the space to surround a swimming pool or spa.

Your design and plans are likely to need to change to better fit the intended purpose of your client, so don’t hesitate to work with your family as you come up with a few ideas.

  • How Do You Plan to Access the Deck?

Many homes already have a back door that allows family members easy access to the yard. In general, most of the customers will want to build their deck leading up to this door.

However, not all homes have a convenient back door, and some families may prefer their deck to connect to the kitchen rather than the living room. In these instances, you will need to make adjustments to ensure that the transition between spaces is seamless. If the client has a multi-story home, you’ll need to know if the deck meets the main floor, or if you’re going to build a tiled deck that leads to the upper floor.

Once you know how to access the deck, you can lay down more concrete plans that flow more naturally with the current look and design of the home.

  • How Much Maintenance Can You Perform?

Wood decks look classy, and they’re improving the value of home resale. Right wood can make a deck look more like a work of art than a simple, robust, and functional outdoor space.

However, you should inform homeowners that more maintenance is needed on wood materials. Wood decks need regular sealing in order to retain their natural color and strength. And if your clients have a specific color in mind, they’ll need to sand and paint their deck regularly to make sure it looks the best.

If homeowners don’t have the energy or time to keep their deck in place, you’ll want to recommend alternatives that better fit their lifestyle, such as PVC decking. PVC decking may look like wood, but it doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance to keep it in good shape.

Once you know what the client feels comfortable with, you can purchase the right materials and supplies to complete the project.

  • What Budget Do You Have to Work With?

You already know that your clients are paying you for your services, but you may not know how much they are willing to pay, or how much they can afford.

As you discuss their hopes and concerns with their deck, don’t forget to give them an approximate price for different plans and materials. Wood flooring, for example , usually costs more than PVC flooring. A tiled deck and sliding door installation is likely to cost more than a simple deck that connects to the back door.

If you have the right budget in mind, you can recommend where your customers can compromise on materials and save money, and where they should spend a little extra to make it a project they absolutely love.

These are just a few questions you need to ask before you start building. But if you want to ensure customer satisfaction, keep the lines of communication open. Let your clients know your plans for each step of the process, and both of you will love the final results.

Are You Planning on Adding a Deck to Your Home?

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