Brook Street Park

3562 Brook St, Lafayette, CA 94549


Try spending a free sunny day this spring or summer at the famous Brook Street Park, right in downtown Lafayette. There’s a lot to come to the park. That’s because it has a fantastic playground, complete with a pirate ship where children can ride across their decks and even steer the ship. The whole playground area is also enclosed with a fence.

Though not all of it. This park is the ideal place to spend a picnic in the spring. Here you can find picnic tables nestled under a shady roof, so bring some sandwiches and make a day at Brook Street Park. This nearby location is conveniently situated just a stone’s throw from Lafayette Park.

Set in a suburban, downtown community, this small park reflects the first community park in Lafayette. Because of its whimsical Pirate Ship, which catches the imaginations of young children with a top deck, steering wheel, climbing ropes, and portholes, it’s a popular location for picnic lunches and attracts families with small children. The play equipment area has a low-perimeter fence which keeps the kids safe. In the back, under a shade canopy, is a picnic table for children and a side serving table that can accommodate small groups. There are no toilet facilities, only first-come, first-served use of the services.

This little park that is lovingly called the “pirate park” is a perfect stop for your kids or a pup break. The construction of the pirate ship on a climbing theme is a lot of fun. It has one big escalator drop and a net climb. There are some picnic tables and benches that are spread about. Based on the time of day parking can become difficult. If you can, then walk. One thing that makes this park ideal for kids is that the play area is fenced in completely. Dogs are allowed in the park but not in the fenced section. There are no swings here which is good but it’s always nice to know when I’m looking for parks.¬† There is a drinking fountain, garbage cans, poop bags, and great shade. No bathrooms but lots of stores and shops nearby to visit and poach their restrooms. Bring your kids and book and enjoy this tucked-away paradise.

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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our location located at 2890 North Main Street! Stop by for a visit anytime!