Home Additions in Pleasant Hill, CA

New Key Construction is pleased to announce the completion of a home addition in Pleasant Hill.

The addition included a new master bathroom with a walk-in closet, a hideaway toilet,  a new master bedroom, and a new bedroom for one of the homeowners’ children. 

The master bathroom boasts a luxurious spa-like feel with a spacious shower, a double vanity and beautiful tiling on the floor, and a large soaking tub. The walk-in closet offers plenty of storage space for all of the homeowners’ clothing and accessories. The hideaway toilet, which is tucked behind the visual of the bathroom, adds an element of privacy to the bathroom. 

The new master bedroom is a peaceful retreat with plenty of space for a king-size bed and other furniture, and it includes a large sliding door that lets in natural light. 

The new bedroom for the child is bright and cheerful, with plenty of space for a bed,  and other furnishings. 

The entire home addition was built with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring that it will be a functional and stylish addition to the property for years to come.

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