7 Secrets To Selling Your Home Faster

One of the most important decisions you will make in your life is selling your home. It can be a stressful time, but there are ways to make it easier. Here are 7 secrets that will help sell your house faster! 

1. Spruce up curb appeal 

Add new plants and flowers, fix any broken sidewalks or steps, paint exterior walls with fresh colors.  Simple updates can make your home look like it is ready for sale.

2. Do not overprice your home

Buyers will not even consider your home if they think you are overpricing it. No one wants to buy something that is priced too high, which is why pricing your home correctly the first time around is very important!  

3. Make home smell nice 

Candles, potpourri and other home fragrance products can improve the home’s overall smell. This will create a more comfortable atmosphere for potential buyers to walk through and decide whether they want this home or not. Make your home appear as ‘homey’ as possible; offer buyers something to drink and snacks if applicable.  Having a pleasant smell throughout your home will most likely attract a buyer faster than anything else listed in this article. Remember, home sellers only get one shot at impressing their potential buyers – make sure you do it right!   

4. Secure your home 

Close all unneeded windows/ doors during showings. This prevents random strangers from walking into the home at any given,  and will also help scare burglars away. Leave a light on at home when you are showing your home to buyers; this is a sign that someone is home and will deter potential burglars.

5. Find a realtor who knows how to market homes like yours 

You need a real estate agent who has experience selling homes like yours and knows the ins and outs of home selling. A home seller doesn’t want to waste time with an inexperienced agent.  If they do not know what they’re doing, home sellers run the risk of home buyers finding flaws and problems with their home which will result in not getting as much money for it.


6. Get rid of clutter 

Remove unnecessary objects and clean surfaces. Do not overload your home with family photos; they are likely to turn buyers off, as no one wants to move into someone else’s home. It is very important that you clear out all the clutter from closets and cabinets, as this will dramatically reduce the time it takes for potential buyers to see your home and decide whether or not they want to buy it. Decluttering also shows potential buyers that you have a good eye for design and taste. Not having enough space on walls? Use large mirrors instead! They don’t take up much room but still work great in reflecting light throughout a home.

7. Sell during peak season 

The best times of year to sell a home are spring and summer, as this is when people have more time on their hands for shopping around for homes; winter home-selling season can also be effective! If you can wait until these seasons arrive,  you greatly increase your home selling chances!

Following these 7 home-selling tips will drastically improve your home sale odds. Keep in mind that home sellers only get one shot to sell their homes for the most money possible! Make sure you use all of your home selling knowledge before putting your home on the market.  

A home seller should also take into consideration other elements that come with home selling, such as preparation of closing costs and understanding which stages of the home buying process they are in.  Since a home buyer’s situation is unique, it is important to be prepared for everything when going through the home purchase process.

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